PVC Colorful Plastic Pipe Fitting Skew Cross Tee

Pvc colorful plastic pipe fitting skew cross tee has the following characteristics
1. Low fluid resistance
2. The flame retardant
3. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
4. Resistant to sunlight and aging
5. Easy to install and durable to use

Material PVC
Size(DN) 50, 75, 110, 160, 200
Color White
Function Connect the pipe

Product Application

PVC pipe can transport more items, including daily water, waste water, chemical agents, etc., so can be used for daily life, laboratory, medical operations, even gas, etc.

And ALTHOUGH the FUNCTION of PPR water pipe is not much, but the sealing is better, so it is more used for the transportation of home decoration water, especially the transportation of cold and hot water pipe in kitchen and bathroom decoration, with good thermal insulation performance and a certain compressive strength.