PVC Drinking Water Pipe Fitting Tee Joint

Material PVC
Size(DN) 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63
Color Blue, White
Function Connect the pipe

Product Application

In practical application, it is found that gray cast iron pipe, especially galvanized steel pipe, is one of the main reasons affecting water supply quality, and the scaling on the wall of gray cast iron pipe and galvanized steel pipe reduces the water conveyance capacity of the pipe network, increases the resistance of water conveyance, and seriously threatens the safety and reliability of water conveyance.

But the copper tube cost is higher, the economic adaptability is poorer.

PVC water pipe above the alternative to the drawback of the water supply network at the same time, based on the superiority of its own was great, its application is also spread by the city, especially at the edge of the traffic is not convenient, the geographical environment complex alpine region, the PVC water pipe characteristics of lightweight, easy to operate the great play, its application is also all over the world.