PVC Pre-Embedded Floor Drain Balcony

Pvc pre-embedded floor drain balcony, the waterproof performance of the balcony is the key that decorates the balcony, the waterproof function of the balcony whether is complete it is the decisive factor that residential safety passes typhoon weather and rainy season, so the balcony needs floor drain

Material PVC
Size(DN) 50
Color White
Function The balcony drainage

Product Application

The balcony embedded floor drain is the top priority of balcony drainage, especially open type balcony should do the waterproof close of door and window, door quality and sealing are close close, at the same time balcony ground should ensure certain slope, ensure the balcony and sitting room have the height of at least 2~3cm difference, of balcony floor drain unblocked also is key.