Colorful PVC Conduit Pipe Fitting Clamp

Colorful pvc electrical pipe fitting clamp It has several characteristics<br>
1. Flexibly cut the required number of bits according to the number of wire tubes<br>
2. Avoid the hollow drum phenomenon under the floor when the gap is large<br>
3. Tidy, standard, beautiful and generous, can be used for home decoration or site decoration

Material PVC
Size(DN) φ16, 20, 25… mm (Accept customization)
Color Red, Blue, White, Transparent
Function Fixed pipe

Product Application

Compared with the buckle type on the market, which is more time-saving and labor-saving, the buckle type requires screws for each fixing hole. As long as the required number of digits are cut out, it is not necessary to install screws for each hole.

There is no need to manually adjust the distance between the electrical pipe, no matter how many positions you arrange, they are neatly consistent and standardized.