PVC Transparency Colorul 90 Degree Elbow

PVC transparency colorul 90 degree elbow with interface taper design, connection is not loose, splicing is the interface, free of glue, large radian, small size, the corner of a good embedded

Material PVC
Size (DN) φ16, 20, 25… mm (Accept customization)
Color Transparent, Red, Blue, White, Orange
Function Fixed pipe

Product Application

Pvc transparency colorful 90 degree elbow can solve the bending problem of the conduit pipe, if the electrical pipe is bent directly, bending directly over the threaded tube will result in a thinner bottom of the tube wall, and the bending pipe will take a lot of trouble.

pvc transparency colorful 90 degree elbow can completely solve this problem, red and blue to distinguish, more easily identify strong and weak electricity.